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About StarChat

Last Update: 04-04-2008

StarChat is a privately-owned and operated Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network founded in June of 1997. There are no fees whatsoever to use our chat services. StarChat staff donate their expertise, time and equipment to maintain a stable and pleasant chat environment. In exchange, we require that all guests comply with our Acceptable Use Policy.

StarChat is a conservative, family-oriented network, and we reserve all rights to deny access to anyone without warning or explanation. Because we are family-oriented, we ask that all nicknames, channel names and channel topics be kept (Rated-PG). Chat client parameters such as Identd and Full Name fields should also be kept appropriate in consideration of other guests. Harassment of others, advertising, cloning, flooding, or willful disruption of any channel is not tolerated and grounds for immediate and permanent removal from the StarChat network.

StarChat has a variety of channels ranging from general open chat, roleplaying groups, support and meeting rooms, software development, to various clubs and associations. We allow some channels, within reason, for sensitive topics and issues. StarChat strictly prohibits any channel, registered or not, for the intent of harassment, illegal trade of licensed software, or trade of pornographic files. We cooperate fully with all federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies in the investigation of illegal activity.

StarChat supports WebTV and MSN TV guests via WebServ as well as our IRC chat interface. WebTV and MSN TV guests can perform the same functions as PC users on the StarChat network. Web-based chat is also available to those PC guests who do not wish to download a chat client. Customized chat clients are available for StarChat with StarPIRCH or add the Graphical User Interface StarHELP to your existing mIRC, pIRCh or vIRC.

StarChat has a friendly and helpful staff of IRC Operators available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We can assist you in the registration of your nickname, channel or with questions about using StarChat Services. We also intervene when there is a violation of the StarChat Acceptable Use Policy. StarChat leaves the channel administration to the discretion of the channel founder. StarChat does not monitor the content of channels, nor will we become involved in channel disputes. If you are kicked or banned from a channel, we recommend you contact the channel founder.

We welcome your questions or comments about our network. You may contact an IRC Operator online in #starchat or the StarChat Administration via our contact form.

Thanks for visiting StarChat, we look forward to seeing you on the network.
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