Acceptable Use Policy

Revised October 7, 2006.

I. Introduction

StarChat began in June 1997 as an alternative Internet Relay Chat (IRC) network that offered a smaller, friendlier chat environment with a professional and courteous staff. StarChat strictly prohibits the illegal trade of software and pornographic files on the network, and reserves the right to scan all connecting clients for open SOCKS and/or Wingates. Users that violate this StarChat Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) will be removed on a temporary or permanent basis depending on the nature of the offense.

II. Terms of Use

StarChat is a private, moderated network, in that we reserve all rights to deny access to this server to any user, host or domain without warning or explanation. StarChat provides all network services free of charge. There are no fees required to use any server linked to StarChat, or to register nicknames and/or channels. In return for the provision of free network access and services, we expect user to comply with the terms listed in this AUP. If you are not in agreement with our policies, disconnect from any and all StarChat servers now.

All clients connecting to StarChat will not use the network to engage in illegal activities, including the transfer of illegal software and/or child pornography and/or harassment of other users. StarChat does not tolerate any channel names or channel topics containing offensive words in any language, or a channel that encourages or supports harassment. Channels that come to the attention of StarChat’s staff through complaints, and on investigation are found not to comply with the AUP, will be either closed or set +s (secret), until they are in full compliance with this policy. Advertising, cloning by multiple client connects, flooding by repeated send of text or CTCP commands, use of profanity or harassment of other clients are grounds for immediate and permanent removal from the network.

StarChat cooperates fully with local, state and federal authorities with investigations of Internet abuse and fraud. StarChat takes no responsibility and explicitly disclaims all liability for the content of any text or materials which pass through this network, or the results of running any commands while using these services.

A: Nickname Registration

StarChat provides nickname registration services via NickServ. Clients can register their nickname(s) to prevent others from using that nickname, to register channels and receive memos. StarChat limits nickname registrations to five (5) nicknames per email address. Nicknames that are abusive by profanity or used to harass will be deleted and made unregisterable. After 30 days of non-usage, nicknames are dropped from the registration database. StarChat IRC Operators will never ask you for your nickname pass. Should you disclose your nickname pass to anyone, StarChat is not responsible for recovering that nickname.

B: Channel Registration

StarChat provides channel registration services via ChanServ. Clients can register their channel(s) on the network after they have registered a nickname. Channels on StarChat do not have channel passwords but rely on the nickname registration. ChanServ allows for channel operator assignment, as well as management and security functions. Channels that are used for illegal activities such as warez and/or porn distribution or harassment of other clients will be closed immediately. After 30 days of non-usage, channels are dropped from the registration database. Should you transfer the channel to anyone, StarChat is not responsible for recovering that channel.

C: Memo Services

StarChat provides memo services via MemoServ. Clients can send memos to other clients on the network after they have registered a nickname. MemoServ can email memos to you on command. Clients that send abusive memos will be placed on Services ignore and/or be removed from the network on either a temporary or permanent basis. After 30 days memos are dropped from the MemoServ database.

D: IRC Operator Services

StarChat provides voluntary assistance with IRC Operator (IRC Ops) personnel on an as-available basis. Official StarChat channel for IRC Op assistance is #StarChat. IRC Ops will assist clients with nickname and channel registration, answer questions regarding services, and intervene in the event of violations of the Acceptable Use Policy. IRC Ops will not involve themselves in nickname disputes where a pass has been released to another. IRC Ops will not involve themselves in channel disputes involving channel ownership or channel operator hierarchy. In some instances, IRC Ops will provide technical advice for software or hardware issues. StarChat is not responsible for this advice and assumes no liability for damage to hardware or software as a result of using this technical assistance. 
IV. StarChat’s Administrative Organization

IV. StarChat’s Administrative Organization

A: Network Founder

The Network Founder (NF) represents StarChat’s foundation and provides the network’s vision and direction. The NF works in conjunction with the Network Administrator and StarCouncil to ensure the founding philosophies are continued. The NF reserves the right to veto decisions made by StarCouncil if she deems the action not to be in the best interest of the network.

B: Network Administrator

The Network Administrator (NA) works in conjunction with the Network Founder and StarCouncil to maintain the network and facilitate operations and enforcement of policies. The NA acts to continue the philosophies as set forth by the Net Founder with changes that affect the network as a whole, and to coordinate their implementation. The Network Administrator acts as a voting member of StarCouncil in the absence of other voting members in order to achieve a quorum on network issues.

C: Star Council

Comprised of five (5) members, StarCouncil (SC) serves to represent all other Server Administrators and IRC Operators in network-wide decisions regarding policies and their implementation. The SC works in consultation with the Network Administrator regarding new policies and procedures, and supplements the network’s vision and direction. SC decisions are passed by a majority vote. SC members also have Services Root Administration (SRA) rights to Services. In the absence of the Network Administrator, SC members are responsible for making and implementing network decisions.

D: Services Operators

A Services Operator (SO) is an IRC Operator with additional rights and responsibilities with StarChat Services. SOs assist other IRC Operators with the placement of temporary or permanent Akills to remove violators of the Acceptable Use Policy from the network. SOs have additional abilities to reset nickname and channel modes, recover nickname passes and to intervene in network issues when both the Network Administrator and members of StarCouncil are not present.

E: Server Administrators

A Server Administrator (SA) is the leader of the individual server team. SAs are responsible for the supervision and management of their IRC Operators and the upkeep of the server’s software and configuration to the current StarChat IRCD. SAs may set at their own discretion Klines restricting who is permitted access to their server without warning or explanation. SAs may have up to five (5) IRC Operators as part of their team inclusive of themselves and/or co-Server Administrator.

F: IRC Operators

An IRC Operator (IRC Op) provides assistance to clients with orientation to the network and to answer questions about Services. IRC Ops also intervene in the event of a violation of the Acceptable Use Policy. IRC Ops can set Klines at their discretion to restrict client connection to their team server without warning or explanation. IRC Ops are under the supervision of their team Server Administrator.

G: Specialized Teams

The following StarChat teams have been empowered by StarCouncil to function within the scope of their team policies and procedures as presented. Team Leaders, as appointed by StarCouncil, have the authority to make policy and staffing decisions regarding the team and it’s operations. Complaints about a team, it’s policies or it’s staff, may be submitted to StarCouncil for review. StarCouncil reserves the right to overrule the decisions made by team leaders if it is viewed not to be in the best interest of the network.

  • KLine Team
  • Close Team
  • Teaching Team
  • Web Team

V: Complaint Procedure

StarChat is committed to facilitating the supervisory relationship between Server Administrators and their IRC Operators. Every effort will be made to resolve problems at that level first. It is preferred that both clients as well as staff members follow the chain of command prior to involving StarCouncil in a dispute. Any client or staff member may submit a complaint regarding the actions of a StarChat team member by email to StarCouncil. Required will be all supporting documentation of the offense, including but not limited to time-stamped logs. Complaints submitted without supporting evidence will be declined. StarCouncil reserves the right as final mediator in issues unresolved on a lower level.

VI: Summary

This document serves as a guideline for acceptable use expectations and policies for the StarChat network. It is by no means inclusive of all details and subject to change and/or modification at any time by the members of StarCouncil. Questions about this Acceptable Use Policy may be submitted via email to StarCouncil.

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