Bot Policy

First off let me say this… STARCHAT NETWORK in not the place for bots to just hang out. Some bots are allowed like game bots and some others. Before you bring a bot onto the STARCHAT NETWORK you might want to check with an IRCOP before doing so or you and your bot may suffer the consequences.

Game Bots

Game bots are generally accepted as long as the owner keeps them under control and they do not spam other channels or users with private messages/notices or send unsolicited data of any types. There are some rules that must be followed as well listed below.

Channel Bots

In some instances a channel bot may be approved depending on the type and what it is supposed to accomplish. Generally STARCHAT NETWORK has pre programmed bots that you can request to help with channel tasks. Again there are specific rules you must follow listed below.


BOTNETS are a group of bots linked together to form a network and are illegal in the USA by ISP standards. [ISP = Internet Service Provider] This includes the people with whom you have your connection to the internet with and or any HOSTING ISP you may have acquired from outside your ISP. That doesn’t mean just because you got hosting in another country [that allows them ] that you are legal. You are still liable by law for any laws broken and or any damages caused by any system you operate. Best policy is to avoid them and report them when you run across one. BTW STARCHAT NETWORK DOES NOT ALLOW BOTNETS OF ANY KIND so if you run across one here please report them to an Admin or IRC OPER.


  • All bots must retain a version reply and have a specific mode set to it. Join #starchat to find out how this is accomplished.
  • Bot NICKNAMES are to be grouped with your registered nickname. Again join #starchat to find out how this is accomplished before you bring your bot online.
  • The owner of the bot must have and retain a working email address at all times.
  • The owner of a bot must own the channel or have explicit permissions from the channel owner to bring it onto the channel.
  • You are responsible for the bot and keeping it in check at all times even if someone else is tasked to operate it.
  • The bot must NOT send any messages/notices/data or contact any user outside of the channel it is assigned to.
  • The bot must not spam any other network or channel outside of the starchat network.. Based on getting prior permissions from the channel owner and only then may the bot spam or announce any other channel inside the starchat network and be conservative with that. On Join scripts are very intrusive and annoying doing that.
  • Bots must NOT do any kind of file sharing such as porn/mp3/scripts/programs/etc…
  • Channel bots can be provided by starchat upon request with a vhost of your choosing, however if you can convince an Admin as for some special reason you need to use your own bot and coding for your channel we will hear the arguments and make a judgement call. BE FOREWARNED THOUGH, First time it is caught outside of your channel and/or doing something it shouldn’t be it is fair game for banning.
  • Bots are not allowed in unregistered channels.