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Connect to StarChat

If you're a new guest to StarChat, you may need additional instructions on how to connect to the network. If you do not have a chat client such as mIRC or pIRCh, or do not want to install a chat client, use the Java Chat Interface to the left to join the network.

AOL/CompuServ/Prodigy/Wal-mart Connect customers please note: Although you should be able to connect to StarChat, you must first register your nickname via the AOL User Registration page to speak on the network. Without a registered nickname, other guests are unable to see what you are saying.

To connect to a random server on the StarChat IRC Network using the mIRC chat client, click here or follow these instructions for mIRC or pIRCh:

  • Open your mIRC or pIRCh client.
  • In any window, type: /server
  • Press enter.

To connect to a specific server on the StarChat IRC Network using mIRC or pIRCh:

  • Open your mIRC or pIRCh client.
  • In any window, type: /server [server name]
  • Press enter.

If you continue to be unable to connect to the network, note the message you are receiving and consider consulting the help file for your client. In mIRC, this can be done by typing /help in any window.

On occassion you may experience some difficulty connecting to the StarChat network. Please take a moment to review the following error messages and what actions to take prior to contacting the K-Line Team.

Due to a server outage, you may receive a Connection Refused message. When this occurs, please attempt to connect to a specific server on the network. For a list of the specific StarChat servers, please consult the Server Listings.

If you receive the message “Too many connection attempts”, try connecting to another specific StarChat server or wait three (3) minutes and try your connection again.

Another possible connection refusal message you may receive is one indicating that you are k-lined or akilled from the network. This is especially true if you use a large Internet Service Provider (ISP) in a metropolitan area. If you receive notice that you have be k-lined or akilled, be sure to note the number, message and the IRC Operator's name listed in the message and email the K-Line Team.

Should you continue to have difficulty connecting to the StarChat IRC Network, please use our Browser Chat to visit the #starchat help channel and request assistance from an IRC Operator. Be sure to note the error you are receiving so that the proper help can be given.

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