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StarChat's K-Line Team works to evaluate and correspond with individuals regarding a k-line or a-kill from the network. Information submitted to the K-Line Team may take up to 72 hours for a response, so we ask for your patience. The K-Line Team does not deal with issues involving channel closures. Please contact the Close Team if you are inquiring about the status of a closed channel.

There are two reasons for a k-line or a-kill, in most cases it is due to a violation of the StarChat Acceptable Use Policy. Prior to contacting the K-Line Team, we suggest you review the AUP. You may also be k-lined or a-killed from the network due to the actions of another guest from the same Internet Service Provider.
If you are affected by a k-line or a-kill set for another guest, exception lines are set by the K-Line team to allow you to access StarChat. It is imperative that when completing the form below that you complete all information, with emphasis on your Internet Service Provider (ISP) address, nickname, and Identd (example: star!, and the reference number you see when you attempt to connect. Without this information, the K-Line Team cannot work to assist you to rejoin the network.
By submitting your inquiry to the K-Line Team for information on a k-line or a-kill, make sure you understand and are in agreement with the StarChat Acceptable Use Policy. Contacting the K-Line Team is no guarantee that a k-line or a-kill will be removed.

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