StarPirch and Pirch98 AutoID


StarPirch has three (3) Fkeys to help you with Nick Registering
To register your nick push the F2 key. Enter your valid email address, click ok, Enter a 4 character password, click ok
To activate your nick push the F4 key. Enter the activation code you received from NickServ, click ok
To set up AutoID push the F5 key. Enter your password, click ok


We have put together a couple images to help you setup you AutoID for Pirch98. These images are taking from StarPirch.


If you don't see the image below, point and click on 'Login' on the menu bar above.


Look up at the top right corner of the Server Connection window, you will see 'Password' type you password in this box (you will see *'s as you type your password  in)

 then click on the 'Save Profile' button