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StarChat Services

StarChat has network Services available to assist you with the registration and management of your nickname and channel. We also offer MemoServ messaging and WebServ support for Web TV users.

NickServ registers your own name on StarChat, allowing you to enter channels which require registration, receive channel operator status, or to register your own channel. By registering with NickServ, you can also send and receive memos from MemoServ. NickServ also allows you to protect your name, forcing others who attempt to use your identity to select another name.

ChanServ functions to register your channel, giving you the flexibility to create your own list of channel ops and select various modes to protect your channel. ChanServ maintains a list of auto ops and permanent bans, kicking those who you do not wish in your channel. ChanServ also keeps topics and negates the need for a bot to hold your channel on the network.

MemoServ works to send small messages to those not currently online, or pass a notice along to all channel ops. Memos can also be sent to your e-mail via MemoServ commands.

WebServ is a service solely for WebTV/MSN Tv guests, allowing a WebTV user initial access to StarChat Services. NickServ, ChanServ, and MemoServ message a WebTV guest with a registered nickname. WebServ assists a WebTV user with nickname registration and is not for guests using a personal computer.

StarChat STRICTLY prohibits the registration of nicknames or channels for solicitation or trade of pornography or pirated software, or nicknames or channels used for the harassment of others. StarChat will allow some nicknames and channels, within reason, for sensitive topics and issues. StarChat reserves all rights to delete or banish a nickname, or to set a channel as secret (+s making it invisible to all other users), or close the channel should we deem the nickname or channel name or topic offensive.

StarChat does not control the content of channel or private conversations and takes no responsibility and disclaims all liability for the content of any text or materials which pass through the network or the results of running any commands while using StarChat Services.

Copyright 2008 StarChat IRC Network

Copyright 2008 StarChat IRC Network